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About Us

We’re a mobile app design and development company based in Miami, Florida.

With over 12 years of experience working with a range of startups and corporations, we’ve been able to successfully bring our clients ideas to life in a compelling, successful and cost-effective way time after time. Whether ready to begin your journey into the mobile world or simply add features to an existing app, we’re standing by and ready to become an extension of your team.

Joaki: Mobile App Design and Development Company
If it’s possible, we can do it.
Joaki Team

The Process

Through our process, we become our clients strategic partner in helping them build their future.


We help our clients see what they cannot. We discuss their ideas and advise on ways to make it better in order to arrive at a concrete definition of what will be built.


We work with our clients in order to identify all the screens within the app. Then, our design team creates mockups and places them in a sample app that easily allows to visualize what the actual app will look like.


Our experienced and professional programmers begin building what will be the actual application. We work completely native on all systems and ensure that we properly document all of our code in order to build a scalable app that anyone can understand both front end and back end.


Together with our clients and beta testers, we identify bugs and complete the final touch ups before launch.


We’re finally here. It’s been a lengthy process but we’re ready for the product launch.


We monitor all backend activity and release monthly to biweekly updates to ensure the app remains running smoothly.



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